It’s evident, to everybody in the real world, that there isn’t always a due date for the things that we need to get done. If there is a due date, it’s not necessarily on a specific day or period (like a week or month) when something has to be finished. Plus, when there is a due date, it’s not always established at the beginning of a task, but sometimes during.

Take for example, people who use organizational applications that are based on specific deadlines. By doing so, in the end, they are obligated to fill in false information because they are required to set a specific due date, which they may not even know…


So the real question to ask ourselves is not : "What is my task due date?" but rather "When will I have time to work on it?".

So I was wondering and wanted to ask the Lifehacker community: Do you prioritize your tasks by due dates?


Plus, I wanted to share a motivational sketch:

Illustration for article titled Should Tasks Really be Prioritized by Deadline?

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