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Bring your own application (BYOA) is a trend towards employee use of third-party applications and cloud services in the workplace. In other terms, as an employee, I can decide which tools I'm gonna work with to be more productive.


Doesn't it feel like freedom?

In my opinion and from my experience it definitively does!

For better understanding, I'll introduce myself. I created my own company right after university. Afterwards, I've been self employed for almost 4 years. I was my own boss, therefore I had the opportunity to choose the tools that I wanted to use to get my work done. At that time I was using two cloud applications: Evernote and Google Drive.


Few years later I ended up in a startup (a very cool one!), so I became an employee and should have used my company's tools and applications. But I still wanted to use my apps, I really was used to them (#addiction)! Well, lucky me that I was working in a startup, because it was obvious that I could keep my tools and still work with them.

So, what?

It just felt like freedom. It could be hard to change your work habits (different company, different job, different position, different workplace ...) but being able to keep the tools that make you more productive is the key to succes.


I wanted to share my story because being able to BYOA in my new company really helped me. In fact, even if I'm now an employee, I kept all my working methods. The BYOA trend enhances employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity.

By the way, I’m not a data security freak, so I won’t talk about it here. But feel free to share your concerns about BYOA.

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