Should Tasks Really be Prioritized by Deadline?

It’s evident, to everybody in the real world, that there isn’t always a due date for the things that we need to get done. If there is a due date, it’s not necessarily on a specific day or period (like a week or month) when something has to be finished. Plus, when there is a due date, it’s not always established at the… »6/21/13 12:32pm6/21/13 12:32pm

Why I'm a Free Cloud Storage Hoarder

Everyone likes to say that "too much of a good thing can be bad". I agree, for the most part. The part I disagree with, is in the case of free cloud storage. I call myself a "cloud whore" because I have numerous free accounts for cloud storage with lots of different providers. Dropbox, Box (used to be called,… »4/23/13 5:11am4/23/13 5:11am